Beyond Legal Orientalism – Reflections on the role (and rule) of Law in China and Japan

The aim of this seminar is to offer some reflections and stimulate a debate on the role law plays in two prominent East Asian countries, China and Japan.

Prof. Bälz, Goethe University

Dealing with Mass Torts the Japanese Way? The Nuclear Damage Dispute Resolution Center

Three years have passed since the nuclear disaster at the TEPCO No. 1 Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant. After the environmental damages the incident was – and still is – causing became apparent, Japanese citizens started to file damage claims to obtain redress. Prof. Moritz Bälz, professor of Japanese Law at Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main, will explore the functioning of the new Nuclear Damage Dispute Resolution Center recently introduced by the Japanese government precisely to deal with these claims.

Dr. Zhang, University of Sheffield

Law and Economic Development in China: The Case of Stock Market Growth

Dr. Zhang, lecturer at the School of East Asian Studies at the University of Sheffield, will offer a presentation on the role law has played in boosting Chinese stock market. In just over two decades China has developed a stock market that is now one of the biggest in the world. This seems to be another counterexample to the significance of law in economic development. A close examination however reveals that law has actually played a crucial role in the growth of China’s stock market and the continuing growth depends on the further improvement of the law.

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