North West Gender Conference 2014: Constructions of gender in Research

Lancaster University, George Fox Building, 22nd April 2014

Key Note: Professor Sylvia Walby

This inter-disciplinary conference is run ‘by PGR’s, for PGR’s’ and will provide a unique opportunity for Postgraduate students to talk about the constructions of gender within their research. This event is for all Postgraduate students, not just those who are near completion. The aim is to provide a safe, comfortable and open environment for students at all stages of their PhD or Masters to discuss their ‘research in progress’ and to receive feedback and support from peers. Despite the theme of the event being gender-orientated, this conference is intended to offer the opportunity for any discipline and research student to discuss the impact of gender within their research, not only those whose work specifically focuses on gender.

Some suggested themes include:

  • Methods, Methodology and personal reflections
  • Feminism and feminist theory
  • Gender identity and construction
  • Gender,  politics and discrimination
  • Gender, history and society
  • Gender, crime and law
  • Gender, communication and media
  • Gender and health
  • Masculinities
  • ‘Girls’, ‘Boys’ and Youth culture

The themes suggested here are deliberately broad and all encompassing, as they are intended to appeal to all PGR research students. Papers that do not fit within these suggested themes, but fit within the overall theme of the conference are also welcome. This event will be an excellent opportunity for students to showcase their ‘research in progress’, to present their work at a ‘PGR friendly’ conference, to hear potentially invaluable feedback and to network with like-minded peers. Presentations are expected to be no longer than 20 minutes, with the opportunity for 10 minutes of questioning. Abstracts of 250 words are now welcome and the final date for submission will be 28th February 2014. Furthermore, all speakers are offered the opportunity to publish in a special issue of Lancaster University’s Postgraduate journal, The Luminary following the conference.

We are pleased to announce that due to generous funds offered by the NWDTC and artsmethods@Manchester, conference attendance is free. Please register your attendance via the following link: (to follow). To submit an abstract and for any queries, please contact We look forward to seeing you at the conference!


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