Post-Yugoslav Spaces through the Post-Colonial Prism Postgraduate and Early Career Researcher Conference

1st – 2nd June 2013 University Place

178-186 Oxford Road, Manchester, M13 9PL Saturday 1st June (University Place, 5.206)

9.45 – 10.15: Registration & refreshments (served in 5.206)

10.15 – 11.15: Keynote 1 – Stef Jansen (The University of Manchester)

11.15 – 12.30: Panel 1: ‘Europeanization’ and democratization of Post-Yugoslav successor states: Serbia Ekaterina Entina (National Research University, Higher School of Economics Moscow) Serbia in its ‘Post-colonialism’: To be Europe or to be in Europe? Marek Mikuš (London School of Economics) ‘Civil Society’ and the Hegemonic Project of ‘Europeanisation’ of Serbia Bogdan Zawadewicz (The Institute for Social Studies of the University of Warsaw) The Development of Serbian Postcolonial Cleavages after 2000 Chair: Catherine Baker (University of Hull)

12.30 – 1.30: Lunch (provided) (served in University Place foyer)

1.30 – 3: Panel 2: Bosnia-Herzegovina’s Gazes Back: A Critical Reflection on the Grammar of Agency and Resistance from the “Margins” Giulia Carabelli (Queen’s University Belfast) The European Horizon and the Reconstruction of Mostar. Manipulation, Boycott, and the Construction of Alterity Gruia Badescu (University of Cambridge) (Post-) colonial Encounters and Resistance: Architectural Reconstruction in Sarajevo
Maria-Adriana Deiana (Queen’s University Belfast) ‘Na Putu’: On the Rhetoric of and Desire for Women’s Empowerment in Bosnia-Herzegovina’s Path to ‘Peace’ Gabriela Vojvoda Engstler (Saarland University) Relocating Identities in the Post-Dayton Literature of Mostar Chair: Piotr Goldstein (The University of Manchester)

3 – 3.30: Refreshments (University Place Foyer)

3.30 – 5: Panel 3: Ethnographic & anthropological research methods in the post-Yugoslav context Ana Ranitović (University of Oxford) Why Do They Call It Raška When They Mean Sandžak? A Case Study of Regionalism in One Post-Yugoslav Space Goran Dokić (The University of Manchester) What’s in a Name: Former Fighters versus War Veterans of the Post-Yugoslav Wars of the ’90s Ivan Rajković (The University of Manchester) Falling with a Mark: Stories about the Balkans, Power and Complicity from the Zastava Spare Parts Chair: Stef Jansen (The University of Manchester)

5 – 6.30: Wine reception @ (University Place Foyer) (provided)

7: Dinner @ Red Chilli Restaurant, 403-419 Oxford Road (provided)

Sunday 2nd June (University Place, 5.206)

9.45 – 11: Panel 4: Historical perspectives on late 19th & early 20th century Balkans Bekim Nuhija & Sami Mehmeti (University of Maastricht) The Impact of Forced Deprivation of Private Property on the Change of Ethnic Structure in Macedonia and Kosovo after the First World War Sheila Osmanović (University of East London) Islam and the New World Order: Implication of Eastern Question upon Bosniaks Ana Živković Snowley (University of Brighton) Discursive Constructions of Montenegro in Early British Writings until 1878 Chair: Ksenija Kolerović (The University of Manchester)

11 – 11.30: Refreshments (University Place Foyer)

11.30 – 1: Panel 5: Transnational perspectives on gender, ethnicity and architecture Andreja Mesarič (Klevis Kola Foundation, London) (Post-)colonialism and Muslim Dress in Bosnia-Herzegovina Ivan Simić (UCL SSEES) Soviet Influences on Yugoslav Gender Policies 1945-1955 Alenka Di Battista (Research Centre of The Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts) Slovene modern architecture between the two World Wars in the Drava Banovina: European Features and Regional Peculiarities Julija Saradelić (University of Ljubljana) The Voice of Romani Minorities as the Subaltern within Post-Yugoslav Spaces Chair: Catherine Baker (University of Hull)

1 – 1.45: Lunch (provided) (University Place Foyer)

1.45 – 2.45: Keynote 2 – David Norris (University of Nottingham)

2.45 – 4.15 Panel 6: Post-colonial perspectives on post-Yugoslav state-building Seb Bytyci (University of York) Kosovo’s Transformation through a Post-colonial Perspective Ajkuna Hoppe (CUNY Graduate Centre, New York) Financialization from the Margins: On Banking and Futurity in Kosovo Piotr Goldstein (The University of Manchester) Post-Yugoslav Uncivil Society: A Neo-colonialist Discourse? Chair: David Norris (University of Nottingham)

4.15 – 4.45: Refreshments & concluding discussions (University Place Foyer)
Organising committee: Goran Dokić / Ksenija Kolerović / Dejan Levi / Piotr Goldstein
Workshop made possible with the support of the Centre for East European Language-based Area Studies (CEELBAS), British Association for Slavonic and East European Studies (BASEES) and Arts Methods @ The University of Manchester