We are pleased to invite delegates for an interdisciplinary conference at the University of Manchester on 20th March 2013 

Gender is one of the keystones of humanities research and remains an important force in British society to the present day. Despite its significance, the conceptualisations and applications of gender within academia are contested and form a major point of contention. This conference aims to bring together scholars and researchers from across the arts and humanities to open up new avenues of discussion and debate in relation to gender.

The conference will open with a roundtable discussion led by University of Manchester academics, in which they will each explain how gender means to them and their research; Prof. Laura Doan, Dr Leif Jerram, Dr Charlotte Wildman.

Panel 1: Sexuality and Identity

‘Sexuality and Identity’ will interrogate concepts of sexuality and identity to understand how they interact with gender in modern Britain.

•Dr. Paul Simpson (Sociology): Making Sense of Middle-aged Gay Men’s Stories of Relating     
•Edward Owens (History): Amy Johnson, ‘Lone Girl Flyer’: Femininity, Youth and Ordinariness in the Construction of Female Heroism in Interwar Britain.
•Anita Marfowaa Owusu (Education): Young People and Gender in Multicultural Britain

Panel 2: Environment and Gender

Gender, as a construct and an experience, exists in space. Gender and spatial historians are now exploring the impact that different physical and spatial circumstances have on our realities and understandings of gender.

•Paula Chorlton (History): The Uses of Gender in Creating the Slum
•Jenna Ashton (Art History): Queerly Casting “Ordinary” Spaces: Rachel Whiteread’s House (1993-94)”

Panel 3: Everyday Life and Social Change

‘Everyday life and social change’ will explore the changes in the gendered experience of everyday life in modern Britain.

•Kelly Spring (History) : Looking Through the Rationing Lens: Recalling Gender Roles and the British Home Front in the Second World War

Kerry Firth (Music): Where Have All the Flowers Gone? : The Decline of Feminism in British Folk Music 1990-2012.

Interested delegates should e-mail howdoesgendermean@gmail.com by 8th March 2013 to book a place.