PALAVER is a festival of language and performance, celebrating new languages of theatre and bringing language learning to life. Following its launch in 2005, and its growing success in subsequent years, the festival will run again in 2013, between Monday 18th March and Saturday 23rd March 2013.

We welcome proposals for contributions to the festival which explore links between language and performance, across a range of genres. This could take the form of a short reading or a full-length play or selected extracts, a song or an evening of dance or physical theatre, a DJ set, a workshop or participatory project…

We welcome proposals for a themed evening where you would organise performances around a particular language or issue.  We want to hear about your ideas!

We are now looking for proposals from the university community and beyond for events to take place in Space 2, which has a seating capacity of 70 or potentially Space 1 which has a seating capacity of 290.  The lower foyer (with a small stage) is also a performance space open to Palaver, for events taking place throughout the day (e.g. readings, music), including lunchtime and late evening.  If you would like to know more about Contact and the spaces, visit or you can call Teresa East, Programme Manager at Contact on 0161 274 0611 or e-mail

Please contact us by completing the attached form and returning it to by Friday 2nd November 2012.  Please ensure you put “Palaver Proposal” in the subject line.

For more information on the Palaver Festival please visit