Call for Contributions


We are looking for academics, postdoctoral researchers and experienced PGRs to contribute to the programme by offering a workshop or an event based on their own approaches and research methods.  Workshops like these are crucial to the training and development of PhD researchers in the Humanities.  We also have a number of ideas for workshops for which we are in need of facilitators including:

  • Auto/biographical research methods
  • Collective Memory as a Research Method
  • Discourse Analysis
  • Exploring Narrative as a Research Method
  • Gender theory
  • Methods for Analysing Handwriting and Using Transcription in Research
  • Methods for Evaluating Source Material
  • Methods for Using Objects in Research
  • Qualitative analysis for arts & languages research
  • Reading Language as a Historical Source
  • Textual Analysis
  • Using Theoretical Frameworks in Research
  • Visual Research Methodologies
  • Using Artefact as Evidence

artsmethods@manchester depends on the contribution of academics and researchers to sustain the programme.  If you are willing/able to offer a workshop please email: