Attitudes Research Group

and Methods NorthWest


Attitudes: Ontology, Methodology, Impact.


A One Day Symposium

University of Manchester

Humanities Bridgeford Street

26th June 2012 

What are attitudes? How do we know about them?  How should we measure them? How are attitudes used in research to explain and describe other phenomena?  How is an understanding of attitudes useful for policy makers? These are some of the questions that we hope to cover in this one day symposium, hosted by the new Attitudes Research Group at the University of Manchester.

The attitude as an explanatory and descriptive concept has been with us for nearly a century and yet we still know relatively little about what attitudes really are.  Originally a subject of psychological investigation they have taken on a research life of their own within quantitative social science. The use of the concept has now spread throughout the Humanities and this is reflected in the disciplinary breadth of the speakers at this symposium.

Speakers include:

Alison Park, NATCEN
George Gaskill, LSE
Elisa Bellotti, University of Manchester
Brian Francis, Lancaster University
Paul Irwing, University of Manchester
Peter Oakes, University of Manchester
David Voas, ISER

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