The Clerical Cosmos: Ecclesiastical power, culture, and society, c. 900- c. 1075

Saturday 21st April, 2012, to be held once again at Oxford University, History Faculty.

We aim to explore the same themes as last time: looking at clerical life in Latin Europe during the ‘very long tenth century’, between the Carolingians and the beginning of papal reform.  We want to explore this period in its own terms, more than in relation to what came before and after.  We’re interested in all areas of clerical life (social, political, religious, intellectual), and in all regions of Latin Europe, looking beyond the Franco-German ‘core’ that has been the focus of much of the historiography. We will seek to examine concepts such as ‘renaissance’ and ‘reform’, the role of France in wider historiography, and the distinction between monastic and cathedral communities,

The programme is still being finalised, but confirmed speakers/respondents include Henry Mayr-Harting (Oxford), Wendy Davies (UCL), Tom Pickles (York), Henry Parkes (Cambridge), Julia Barrow (Nottingham), Conrad Leyser (Oxford), John Nightingale (Oxford), Bernard Gowers (KCL).

The cost will be £10 for those in full academic employment; free to graduate students/anyone else.  This will include lunch. Registration is up to the end of March 2012.  Please register at