In 2007 Mark Anstee was invited by the organization Art+Archaeology to be part of an artists’ residency program attached to the Stonehenge Riverside Project.

This was his first introduction to the Great Cursus, the enigmatic Neolithic monument being excavated by Professor Julian Thomas and his team.

Intrigued by its unknown status, its close proximity to Stonehenge and its extraordinary linear form, Anstee has been using drawing to explore the monument’s identity; creating symbols, pictographs and interventions in the landscape.

In 2010 Mark Anstee was made Leverhulme artist in residence with Archaeology to continue this study of the Stonehenge Cursus.

He is now showing some of the process work made over the last 4 years in The Cursus Bureau Room 2.17 on the second floor Mansfield Cooper Building.