CityCamp MCR

CityCamp Manchester (CityCampMCR) is a two-day, free event which will be held in September, 2011.

The aims of CityCampMCR are to: share ideas, explore challenges, join-up resources and develop solutions which build a more sustainable future for Greater Manchester connect communities with people who can work with them to solve current issues using digital technology and innovative community approaches inform and inspire communities and other stakeholders to take action build relationships between people leading change and the support and resources of networks and organisations in Greater Manchester CityCampMCR is a practical event which will involve everyone attending.  We’re looking for people who want to make a positive contribution to their community on all sorts of issues – such as how food is grown or waste is recycled and we need help to ‘crowd source’ the ideas and resources to make things happen.  We want to bring together a diverse range of people, including local government workers, business people, community groups, academics, technologists and journalists.  We want to explore how technology and inventive community approaches can be used to share resources and develop new ways of living and working.  There are lots of events where people come together to discuss ‘the future’, but when those events end it’s back to the day jobs and no change has been made.

CityCampMCR is about taking action and making a sustainable impact. CityCampMCR aims to form a network of networks, linking the emerging projects with existing knowledge, resources and relationships in existing networks and organisations.  At the end of the day, we hope CityCampMCR will inspire, inform and set the foundations for change to happen.

CityCampMCR needs you!  CityCampMCR is an open platform; there are no leaders and followers, just people working together to build a sustainable future for Greater Manchester. So get in touch and get involved!