“Other Voices from the Colonial to the Postcolonial: Conscience in Globalization”
Talk by Professor Jonathan Hart, Wednesday 18th May, 4pm, Samuel Alexander Building, A104

Co-Hosted by RICC and ITS


In the expansion of Europe, which intensified with Columbus, there were other voices that raised issues about the desirability and problems of exploration, settlement and colonization.   The committee that considered Columbus’ enterprise, Las Casas, Montaigne, Léry, Swift and others called into question this quest to expand, this push to what we now call globalization.   In time,  Natives, those subjected to slavery  and former slaves lent their voices to the interpretation of this encounter between cultures in this “globalization.”   The Aztec account of the conquest of Mexico, Powhatan,  Equiano,  Sojourner Truth, Sitting Bull,  and others speak out about their experiences.  Later, in the age of decolonization, post-colonialism or neo-colonialism, depending on a person’s point of view, Thoreau, Lincoln, Gandhi, Martin Luther King as well as poets like Claude Mackay and Jeannette Armstrong presented alternative voices.   So much then depends on multiple expressions and perspectives to try to find a fuller idea of  the meeting of cultures in the age of modernization.  The talk will, then, work across the lines of literature, history, ethnology and politics by addressing issues in colonial and postcolonial,  locality and globalization, empires and colonies.


Jonathan Hart, Professor of Comparative Literature and English and Adjunct Professor of History at University of Alberta and Archives By-Fellow of Churchill College, Cambridge,  has published books of poetry, history and literary criticism and theory, such as Shakespeare and His Contemporaries (2011), Musing (2011) and Literature, Theory, History (forthcoming 2011).  He has held visiting appointments at Toronto, Harvard, Cambridge, Princeton, the Sorbonne-Nouvelle and elsewhere.  Most recently, he has given seminars at the University of the Basque Country.