Public Engagement in the Arts

18th May 2011, 12-2pm, Samuel Alexander 2.1

How can you demonstrate the impact of your research outside of the academy?  This workshop will provide a brief overview of how arts researchers can engage with the media, the public and cultural institutions to collaborate on projects and generate wider interest in their research.  There are several researchers in the School of Arts, Histories & Cultures who have successfully engaged with the media, members of the public and with cultural institutions across the North West and beyond.  This workshop will provide an opportunity to hear them speak about their experiences and how these have had a positive impact on raising their research profile.  Come along to find out about working with the BBC and the media, working on documentaries and what it’s like to work in collaboration with a cultural institution.  This workshop will lead to the Cafe Artistique Series which will launch in the Autumn where expressions of interest are sought from researchers in the Arts to talk to the public about their work.

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