“To live is to leave traces” [Walter Benjamin]


A cross-disciplinary symposium on Wednesday 11 May 2011

examining the ‘trace’:

  • a mark, an object or a sign that shows that somebody/something existed or was present
  • a very small amount of something
  • a line or pattern on paper or a screen that shows information that is found by a machine
  • a search to find out information about the identity of somebody/something

A trace can be physical, tangible, material, technical, emotive, performative; a trace can signify the ephemeral, metaphorical, absent and present. Traces of identity, sexuality, memory, ritual, place, spatiality; traces as evidence, shadows, and residue. 

Organised by PhD students in Art History & Visual Studies, and supported by CIDRA, 20 minute papers are sought from across the School of Arts, Histories and Cultures, examining the various ‘traces’ present within our research. The symposium is planned as an all-day event, for Wednesday 11 May, 2011.

Please submit any enquiries, and a working title and approx 300 word abstract to  by 4 April.