How to Use Newsreels in Research on Britain, c. 1910-1969

Dr Max Jones

Weds. 16 March 2011

14:00 – 15:00

Simon Building, Lecture Theatre 3 (3.40)

The first British newsreel, Pathé’s Animated Gazette, was issued in July 1910. The newsreel format flourished over the next 50 years, with Pathé, Gaumont and British Movietone becoming household names, before declining in the 1960s in the face of competition from television. In spite of their popularity, many scholars of twentieth-century Britain continue to ignore newsreels. Over the last decade both subscription and free services have provided access to a tremendous range of online sources for newsreels. Yet they remain widely neglected by academics and students.

This 50-minute training session will provide post-graduate researchers with all the information they need to use newsreels in their research. Whether you want to explore media forms in more depth, or simply to research the newsreel coverage of a specific event, please come along.  To sign up please email Emily Bannister (