MANCASS PG Conference – Before Man & God

This conference aims to draw together evidence for the practice of private confession throughout the Anglo-Saxon period and to situate it within the history of confession up to and including the Fourth Lateran Council in 1215, when the Church stipulated an annual requirement for confession.  But it endeavours to do more than this.  It will explore penitential literature, homilies, elegies and laws in order to elucidate an evolving discourse of sin and confession, including the notion of the confessional figure as individual before God.  It will ask questions about the dissemination of the theology of sin and confession: What was the role of the vernacular in teaching the atonement of sins? Can we read the Anglo-Saxon penitentials as social commentary? How are sin andconfession represented in illumination and sculpture? How does confession function as poetic motif?

Postgraduate and early-career researchers are invited to submit abstracts of no more than 250 words that engage with the conference’s theme. The following list of topics for consideration is not exhaustive:

 Anglo-Saxon penitential literature:▫ The relationship of vernacular texts to Latin sources▫ The relationship between penitentials and law codes▫ Penance tariffs

 Anglo-Saxon confessional literature within the history of private and/or public confession:▫ Comparative analysis of Irish and continental penitentials▫ Comparative analysis of later confessional literature (twelfth- and thirteenth-century)

 Sin as (theological) discourse: e.g. the meaning of sin, including guilt and shame The priest and his scriftboc: pastoral care and education

 Confession/penance and types of sin: e.g. sexual sins, theft, manslaughter

 Fasting, almsgiving and singing psalms

 Penitential/confessional dialogue

 Confession and gender; confession and status

 Sin and exegesis: e.g. Anglo-Saxon readings of original sin

 Confession as poetic motif

 The confessional ‘self’

 The relationship between consolation and confession

 Devotional functions of confession and penance

 Sin/the sinner/confession/penance in Anglo-Saxon art and sculpture

 Judgement Day: the sinner before God in literature and/or art

To download a PDF copy of the call for papers, please click here: MANCASS PG Before Man and God CFP