UnSpooling – Artists & Cinema/Keynote lecture and roundtable

Dear all,

There is an exhibition currently running at Cornerhouse, called UnSpooling – Artists & Cinema (http://www.cornerhouse.org/art/info.aspx?ID=417&page=0). It’s a multi-artist exhibition dealing with the interfaces across performance, archive, cinema, and art, which may speak to some of your work as well as your students’.

With the support of CIDRA and ICP, I’ve co-organised a keynote lecture and roundtable discussion that aim to explore these issues, including the idea of cinema as archive, practice as research and so on. The whole event runs from 1 to 7pm on Friday, 12 November, and includes performances by two artists in the show. I understand that everyone is very busy with multiple commitments, but please come, if you can, for part, if not all of it. A detailed programme is attached to this email.

The keynote lecture is titled, ‘Excentric Cinema’, by Professor Janet Harbord (Queen Mary). Her work ‘engages with philosophies of screen media in a post-cinematic context. She has written on the subjects of memory, the image and archives: inertia, speed and energies of film: montage and cutting: spatial relations and film circulation: cultural translation and supplementation: affect, gesture and the image.’ (http://www.sllf.qmul.ac.uk/filmstudies/staff/38050.html)

The roundtable panel includes Dr Vicky Lowe (Drama, UoM) and Dr Johannes Sjoberg (Drama, UoM), as well as Sophia Crilly (Bureau Art Gallery) and Wayne Lloyd (artist).

The event is free, but booking with the Cornerhouse box office is required. Hope to see you there. Thanks.

Best wishes

Felicia Chan