SAGE Postgraduate Workshop – Current Trends in Historical Scholarship

Wednesday 17th November, 10-12pm, Dr. Maiken Umbach, Poetry Centre, Room A4 Samuel Alexander Building.

This workshop aims to help participants identify and discuss trends, as well as notable absences or underexposed areas, in historical scholarship.

There is a small amount of preparation involved – participants should spend at least one hour before the workshop looking at the programme of the next meeting of the American Historical Association, which is available online at: (choose the ‘browse by day’ function) and note down some observations which they should bring along for discussion.  In particular, participants are asked to try to identify some trends in regards to periods and chronologies and methodologies:
– Which perieods are most heavily represented, and why; also: are there apparent period breaks?
– Which national histories appear to be at the core of the debate at the moment; also: how many themes transcend traditional national boundaries?
– Which methodologies dominate the field (what is the relative role and importance of political history, social history, cultural history, transnational history, microhistory etc?)

The aim of the preparatory task is to get participants to think about these particular questions before the start of the workshop.

Places are limited so please sign-up promptly to avoid disappointment.

To book a place please email Emily Bannister: