Slides Now Available!

The slides from last week’s first MA lecture on Critical Thinking & Originality are available now.  In the first part of the session, Peter Oakes presented the model (on the slides) as a possible analytical framework to help in critical evaluation of a piece of writing.  The categories that are named on the model are all things that you can try to list and evaluate when analysing, for example, an article.  The idea is to ask questions such as: ‘What presuppositions does the writer say they are assuming?  To what extent are they reasonable?  What presuppositions does the writer have but does not mention (e.g., a patriarchal standpoint?)?  What primary and secondary evidence does the writer use?  How appropriate is it? How well does the writer use it?  What evidence would be relevant to the topic but is not used by the writer (and might support or contradict the writer’s views)?  And so on.  The slides are available here: Critical Thinking .

In the second half of the session Peter Knight delivered a presentation on Originality, Plagiarism & Academic Malpractice.  The slides are available here: Originality & Plagiarism.