The Present and Future of British Prehistoric Pottery: Finds, Methods and Interpretation (Prehistoric Ceramics Research Group and The Prehistoric Society Joint Conference)

29-31 October 2010, The Manchester Museum

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Over the last decade, a wide range of important excavations, new finds, new analyses, new techniques and interpretations have changed our understanding of prehistoric British pottery. In some regions of Britain, a comparative lack of finds has now been replaced by an abundance of information which is still awaiting a broader synthesis.

The time is ripe for a major re-assessment of ceramic studies from the Neolithic through to the Iron Age. We therefore invite contributions on all aspects of pottery studies in Britain, including the presentation of new assemblages, chronologies, typologies, scientific studies, as well as broader analyses and syntheses.

In addition, this conference wishes to provide a platform for discussions of the status quo of pottery analysis in British archaeology and suggestions for future directions (innovative approaches, relationships to broader research frameworks, heritage conservation, pottery catalogues and excavation publications).