Postgraduate students in all disciplines and at all levels are invited to attend a new weekly reading group on ‘Aesthetic Theory: From Derrida to Kant,’ via De Man, Adorno, Coleridge and Schiller, among others.

The group will begin Tuesday 5th October, 5-7pm, in Samuel Alexander WLG8.

No prior knowledge is assumed, but students should buy Kant’s ‘Critique of Judgement’ (Hackett edition preferred) and read sections 1-60 in time for our second meeting, and bring Derrida’s essay ‘Economimesis’ (Diacritics 11, 1981 available on Jstor) to our first.

The group is led by Professor Jeremy Tambling.

It is not necessary to get in touch before attending, but if you have any queries then please contact

Alfie Bown ( or James Smith (