The British Association for American Studies has recently announced its competition for funding PGR study for 2010/11. There two awards on offer to postgraduate students in American Studies in the UK – the short-term travel grants and the Eccles Centre grant to help you get to the British Library.  Details below:

Post graduate Short Term Travel Awards

Application Form:

This programme contributes considerably to fostering talent among the American Studies community in the UK. It depends for its funds entirely on public contributions, and can only have a long term impact if BAAS members and other interested persons continue to be generous with donations. The Treasurer of BAAS welcomes contributions small and large, and invites anyone wishing to support BAAS in maintaining its work in this area to contact her ( .

The resources available are normally modest. It is envisaged that grants will be supplemented by funds from other sources. The maximum of each grant will be £750. Although there is no specific time limit for the duration of the awards, and it is recognised that awards under the scheme may need to be supplemented, it is not intended that they should be used to supplement or extend much longer-term awards. The duration of the award would typically expect to be twelve weeks. Applications are invited from persons normally resident in the UK, and from scholars currently working at, or registered as postgraduates at, UK universities and institutions of higher education. Preference will be given to those who have had no previous opportunities for research-related visits to the USA, and to young scholars, including postgraduate students. BAAS particularly welcomes applications from postgraduates needing to visit the USA for research purposes. Some of the travel grants relate to named awards:

THE MALCOLM BRADBURY AWARD will be given to the best proposal in the field of American literary studies.

THE MARCUS CUNLIFFE AWARD will be given to the best proposal in the field of American Studies.

THE JOHN D. LEES AWARD will be given to the best proposal in the field of American political studies.

THE ABRAHAM LINCOLN AWARD will be given to the best proposal in the field of nineteenth-century century US history and culture

THE PETER PARISH AWARD will be given to the best proposal in the field of American history

The closing date for applications is December 10, 2010. Travel must take place between April 1, 2011 and March 31, 2012. Awards for travel will not be made retrospectively. Successful candidates are required to provide a brief report of their research trip for publication in American Studies in Britain, and they are requested to acknowledge the assistance of BAAS in any other publication that results from research carried out during the tenure of the award. Preference may be given to BAAS members.

Professor Ian Bell
Chair, BAAS Awards Sub-Committee
American Studies
School of Humanities
Keele University

For enquiries about the awards, contact .

Four copies of the application must be returned to Ian Bell at the above address by December 10, 2010. Please enclose a stamped addressed envelope if you wish to be notified in the case of your application being unsuccessful.

Eccles Centre Postgraduate Awards in North American Studies 2011

Five awards to be made to graduate students normally resident in the UK, outside the M25, whose research, in any field of North American Studies, entails the use of the British Library collection. The Eccles Centre Postgraduate Fellows will be entitled to an award of £500 for travel and other expenses connected with the research visit to London.

Further information

The British Library website, including public access to the catalogues, can be found at The Eccles Centre does not house a collection separate to that of the British Library, and the bibliographies on the Eccles Centre webpages give only a snapshot of some of the items in the British Library collection. For details of Eccles Centre activities see

Enquiries regarding the British Library’s North American holdings can be directed in the first instance to Dr Matthew Shaw (US curator), Philip Hatfield (Canadian curator), or to the Eccles Centre .

General terms and conditions

  • Research visits should take place in the period April 2011 – September 2012.
  • All award holders will be required to submit a financial report on their visit to the Treasurer of the British Association for American Studies
  • All award holders will be required to submit a short report on their visit to the British Association for American Studies and to the Eccles Centre that may be published in American Studies in Britain or in an Eccles Centre publication.
  • All award holders will agree to acknowledge the support provided by the Eccles Centre in any publication resulting from this research visit, and to inform the Eccles Centre of any such publications. If the opportunity arises, it is expected that the award holders will present their work at an appropriate Eccles Centre/British Library seminar or conference.
  • No extra funding will be available. Candidates must ensure that they have sufficient funds to cover their own needs and the needs of any dependants during their stay. Award holders from outside the UK are individually responsible for fulfilling any regulatory requirements to enter the UK.
  • None of the organisations or individuals connected with this award are in a position to arrange travel or organise accommodation for award holders.


  • Applications should be in the form of a brief CV (no more than two pages), and a document explaining the nature of the North American Studies research being proposed at the British Library (no more than two pages).
  • Four copies of the application must be submitted in hard copy.
  • Applications must be submitted by 5pm on January 30, 2011.

Applications by fax will not be accepted. Applications should be sent to:

Dr Catherine Morley
Secretary, British Association for American Studies
Lecturer in American Literature
School of English / Centre for American Studies
University of Leicester
University Road
Leicester, LE1 7RH

Phone: 0116 2231068