STEPS is a publication by and for postgraduate researchers at The University of Manchester. Therefore, we want to ensure we’re covering the issues you want to read.

This is where you come in. We’re calling for news and article contributions from postgraduate researchers for the forthcoming issue of the STEPS newsletter and we offer a £25 amazon voucher for every article we use.

The deadlines for contributions for STEPS issue 18: Sept 17th, 2010.

Contributions might include:

  • Personal experiences within your field
  • Thoughts on a recent training event or development opportunity you attended
  • A book or resource review
  • ‘Top Tips for…’  feature (e.g. we previously feature top tips for networking and career development)
  • ‘Meet the Researcher’ feature profile

Submission and writing tips:

  • Check your spelling and grammar thoroughly before submission, including name spellings
  • Make sure it reads well; avoid lengthy sentences
  • Ask a friend to read it and give you constructive feedback
  • Attempt to grab the readers’ attention with your opening paragraph
  • Successful articles provide a unique perspective on a topic, where your experience(s) can benefit other postgraduate researchers
  • Suggest a title when submitting your article
  • If accepted, be prepared for your article to be fine-tuned by the editors

For further information about submitting contributions or to give us feedback on the newsletter or the blog, please email the editors at

We look forward to hearing from you!

Posted on behalf of the STEPS Editors